Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rally/March May 29, 2012 Jacksonville Florida

March and Rally

Date:   May 29, 2012
Time:   8:00AM
Place: Hemming Plaza - Jacksonville, Florida

  •  Marissa Alexander is a victim of domestic violence who fired a warning shot into a wall because she was afraid of another attack by her abusive husband. NO ONE GOT HURT!
  • A year earlier, an attack by her husband sent Marissa to emergency room and resulted in a restraining order against him. This was not his first domestic violence offense. 
  •  Minutes before the incident, her husband told her “if I can’t have you, nobody is going to have you.” She shot at the wall as he approached her.
  • Ms. Alexander was arrested for Aggravated Domestic Assault under Florida Statute 784.021(2), which is a third degree felony carrying a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison.
  • Based on this charge, she probably would have received one year in the county jail because she had no prior criminal record.
State Attorney Angela Corey’s office had the sole discretion to add Florida’s 10-20-Life enhancement (F.S.775.087(2)(a)2.) to increase the minimum sentence to 20 years. FACT CHECK ON THE CHARGES AGAINST MARISSA ALEXANDER Ms. Alexander, a mother of 3, who currently holds a Master’s Degree and had no prior criminal record; was attacked by her husband who has a known and documented history of domestic abuse on August 1, 2010. Alexander was arrested after she fired a warning shot into the wall after her husband threatened to kill her.

Marissa desperately needs help paying legal expenses.

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