Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day of Global Rallies for Marissa Alexander and Victims of Domestic Violence - June 24th 2012. In Your City or in Jacksonville, Florida.


  1. I support your daughter and I'm sorry you have to fight such arbitrary laws from such a dysfunctional state. I've written about Marissa and I hope more people are exposed to her case. Stay strong!

  2. Also, I found out about this case by reading the lastest issue of Ms. Magazine. I hope this gets publicized in other forms of media.

  3. what can we do to help? this is outrageous!!!

    1. You can find other petitions by doing a Google search 'Marissa Alexander petitions'. The White House maintains a site called We the People - you can do a search for the petition there just by typing in her name with the search option.