Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Press Release


  1. 20 years is insane! Why wasn't the court order taken into consideration that was against the husband?

  2. NewsBall.com wants to expose the jurors on this case that took less then 15 minutes to deliberate on sending this mother away for 20 years.

    If you have the names or pictures of the 3 men and 3 women jurors, please send to info@newsball.com

    If you have any lead whatsoever as to who we should talk to so that we can track down any of the 6 jurors, please give us that persons contact info.

    We know it has been a few years, but we want to interview a juror or two - those that do not cooperate we will go ahead with our policy of anyone affecting anyone is subject to scrutiny and will publish any name or picture we find of any of them. If they want to interview though, we will allow that person to remain anonymous. Please spread the word. Those in the courtroom, even Marissa, can describe what the jurors looked like - their ages, etc - so we can begin to track them down.

    We recently took on the Skylar Neese murder case & exposed the killer Shelia Eddy. Numerous outlets then reported on our story, including RadarOnline & the Examiner.

    We are offering a $1,000 reward / researcher's fee for the names of the jurors & their pictures. We want answers from Marisa Alexander's jurors, & if they refuse to tell us why they carelessly convicted her under 15 minutes - their names & pictures will be published


  3. This woman should be freed post haste. But there is a deeper matter here: the matter of black disempowerment. Blacks in America are continually the low-hanging fruit on the tree of disempowerment because they lack power in this country - power to influence industry, media, politicians, and most especially the police and court system. The means to bring balance into these arenas is through economic empowerment. Every black American must understand this. Blueprints are already on the table to help. Dr. Claud Anderson has written two excellent books on this subject, "Black Labor, White Wealth," and "PowerNomics." The late Dr. Amos Wilson has also written superbly on this matter in his work, "Blueprint for Black Power." Their lectures are also available on YouTube under their names. While this will not *immediately* help Ms. Alexander, the longterm goal is to prevent the continual assault on black Americans by the power structure which is deliberately designed to inflict maximum damage on the black peoples of this country. Meanwhile, getting Ms. Alexander a lawyer better than the city/county DA would be a positive first start to helping overturn this unjust conviction.

    Godspeed, madam!

  4. Marissa,

    These laws are put into place so that citizens think before they act. You did not do this. You put innocent lives in danger when you fired your weapon in the house.

    Also, if you are so concerned about young 17yr olds losing their lives, why do we not hear you talking about Christopher Cervini. 17 yr old white kid that lost his life to a black man. He was shot and killed and Roderick Scott was aquitted. Or does it not matter because Christopher was not black?

    Marissa deserved what she got. How many of you bleeding hearts would have defended her if that was your child standing in the room when she fired?

    People need to understand that you cannot just, willy nilly, do things thinking that you are protected or that you are right. We live in a society with many people who's lives are just as important your's.

    1. So what your saying is that she should have took that beating from her husband? I guess you have never been in a domestic violence situation. She fired a warning shot up in the air No One Got Hurt! But you believe that she deserves to be in jail for defending herself. Your a clown and your the reason why society is the way it is. Violence is Violence and she should have never been punished when she was only protecting herself. Let's see if your ever in a situation like that what you would do. Would you lay down and die? Hope you never have to defend yourself.

    2. She was trained to use a weapon
      . if she wanted to shoot that coward she could have and i do not believe her children were in any danger at all that's what he said. .im going to agree with you Diana about this Clown.


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