Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fundraising for the Legal Defense Team

Help Support the Cost of a Retrial to Bring Marissa Home


  1. the news says she went to her husbands home. is that true? the news reports say she went out to her car and returned with her firearm. Is that true? I'm an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. however, if the news reports are correct then it doesn't sound like she was defending herself. it sounds more like she was there to fight. please tell us what really happened that day.

  2. You can read about what really happen right here on this website. Depends on what news channel you are accustomed to getting your news from, you might just have gotten untruthful information unfortunately. It's really sad when so called news organizations refuse to give there audience truth. I don't know where you read or heard these reports from but none of it is true. Thanks for caring enough to ask though.

  3. Well she did go to her husband's house 4 months later and assault him. And she did retrieve her gun from her car. That was in the court documents, not the news

  4. That's the best you got? Never mine that her husband admitted that he beat her. Oh, and you really believe what the charging document says about her assaulting him? Get a life! I'm retired federal law enforcement, and let me enlighten you to something. I've seen first hand how people are given charges that they never did, yes it happens. Oh, but maybe not in your world I guess. Give me a break!

  5. Dear Ms. Alexander,
    I am a survivor of physically brutal Domestic Violence, broken bones and all. What happened to me in the following years at the hands of our "Justice" system was worse than any beating I received at the hands of my psycho-ex. What happened to you is incomprehensible. How does defending yourself land you in prison? This is beyond disgusting and wrong and tragic. I've made a small donation to your defense fund. I look forward to the day that you are free. Following that I hope you sue the State for what they have done to you.

    With love and light,