Saturday, January 11, 2014

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  2. Marissa is free.
    I created this artistic rendition to reflect her story.

  3. Marissa Alexander is a monster who belongs in prison. You aren't telling the truth about her case.

    She LEFT THE HOUSE where the argument with her husband, Rico Gray, took place; went to the garage and retrieved a gun; came back in the house where she encountered Gray and his two sons in the kitchen and fired her weapon. The bullet grazed Gray's head, went through the kitchen wall and into the ceiling of the living room. Gray and his sons left the house and called the police. She didn't go anywhere. After this incident and before her trial, she was arrested AGAIN for domestic battery.

    What are you people talking about and WHY are you raising funds for her. She is NOT a victim. She's a MONSTER!

    And she's an idiot. If she'd taken the plea deal that the prosecutor offered she'd be out of prison by now.

    When she's retried she's going to be convicted again and go back to prison where she absolutely belongs.

    1. Your information is false. Her estranged husband beat her previous to this incident while she was pregnant to the point where she was hospitalized and had her baby prematurely. Her newborn daughter was in the ICU as a result when this incident happened.
      Her estranged husband admitted in a sworn statement that he was the aggressor that day and had threatened her life.
      She was in her home, she asked him to leave, she had a court injunction against him.
      She had a legal permit for the gun and had trained to use it. So it is obvious that she was firing a warning shot.
      I think that she showed tremendous restraint to not shoot him.

    2. I agree with you, The Breaking Point. She deserves to be in prison because she obviously fired out of ANGER and not self defense. It's amazing she was able to go to her car and get a gun from it and not be able to escape due to the garage door being broken. How the hell did she get her car in the garage then if the door was broken? Court documents showed she was there for around a day.

      I don't think she deserves 20years in prison however, but she definitely faces consequences. Even her 12yr old testified he thought he was "fixin to die". Throw her ass in jail for a year and let her go.

    3. It's called she fired a,warning shot. You morons she's not a monster. For God sakes people she's a mother and a victim of abuse. How in the hell can you say such cruel things like this. She deserves her freedom just like us. Hell she fired the gun which was legal into the ceiling to stop her husband from killing her. Neither of you idiots know what you are talking about. She has rights. The judge,was wrong for not letting her use the florida stand you're ground law. We have it so why was she not allowed to use it. George Zimmerman got away with murder of a minor boy and walks freely upon this earth and what law did he use. Oh yea the stand you're freakon ground law. She's being wrongfully detained against her own will all for protecting herself. I bet you people would to. I am a victim of abuse for many yeaes. No i never shot a gun never killed anyone either but that is just me. The law is messed up and she deserves a new trial and another judge who is understanding. Not one that is,against her from the beginning. Yea so she's black big deal. So what are they gonna do put all black people behind bars? Really sorry for her. The police never got the facts and she is paying for it. So before you all decide to call this mother a human being a monster look in the god damn mirror. I support her one hundred percent.

  4. Where is there an address to send pst cards and hard copy letters to- these always mean something to someone when they see the volume of an angry public.

  5. Breaking point, there is a lovely photo going around that if I could upload as an attachment here I certainly would up load it.

    On the left it shows George Zimmerman whose daddy got him to go free after he murdered an unarmed 17 year old, who- just happened to be a color Zimmerman deplored. On the right is a photo of Marissa Alexander, a beaten housewife who fires warning shot at her abuser, no one is hurt who gets 20 year- wait 60 years.

    Enough of the Klu Klux Klan we are in the digital age now - God is watching you Breaking Point.

  6. And another thing, in 2004 I was collecting petitions outside near an intersection in Santa Cruz CA.

    A group of drinking gals came over from the city to this lovely beach town to have some fun.

    They drove through an intersection. They hit a number of people. One person was a photographer. His expensive camera fell and smashed on the pavement. He was not a wealthy individual but a young college student, and was only asking for his money back.

    Glad I wrote down the name of witnesses for him because I had a feeling he would need them. Sure enough, months later the insurance agent for the gals called me trying to be sure my testimony was wrong and that in fact the young man hadn't out of the blue decided to jump onto the hood of the car.

    You see, the man happened to be

    1. Another great story! An insurance company tried to stiff someone because they were black. Insurance companies sure don't stiff anyone who is white, right? They simply did it because he was black. God damnit racists! Let's boycott that company immediately!


  7. And another thing Breaking Point- even if your account holds any water, it was the Vice President Dick Cheney that fired and actually shot his 'hunting partner' in the face. But that was okay because he was white and he and his partner GW stole the election with a ruling that allowed a disproportionate vote count in Florida in 2000.

    1. Wow, what an amazing comparison. You just compared individuals hunting animals with no intent to harm one another to a case where someone was specifically looking to harm an individual.

      Don't let logic and common sense get in the way of your comparison! Keep on truckin' LOL

  8. Good for Marissa & I hope she get of scot-free as I’ve listen to gray’s 911 call and he sound like he is scared,

    Considering that Gray admits he beat Marissa & 3 other women, I have 4 words for him “BATTERED WOMAN’S SYNDROME DEFENCE” as his punk behind probably never thought that a woman would stand up to him.

    But guess what; Marissa did & I hope that if he keeps his woman beating up that one of them will shoot him dead


  10. Lol!!A monster would have killed him and his kids out of rage.A monster wouldn't have thought twice about blowing that monster who beat her until she had her baby. out of anger out of whatever makes people want to actually see an innocent woman go to prison is wrong.regardless if she left out and went a retrive her gun she probably was at her breaking point letting her abusive husband know no more ass whopping you already beat the baby out of me what more do you want that why she fired the warning shot to let him know "NO MORE"she didnt take a life she didnt hurt noone only thing she hurt was that woman beater pride he was terrified on the 911call good for you Marissa your allowed to protect everyone can try and judge her only GOD can do that so klu klux klan member a.k.a followers you can take a set.!!!!

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  13. So much ignorance. How about reading up on the actual case instead of speaking nonsense.

  14. Nobody seems to understand the responsibility of the SYG statute. Stand Your Ground Video CLICK HERE

  15. I started a petition to Rick Scott to pardon Marissa, please help it get traction! Rick Scott - Pardon Marissa Alexander @moveon

  16. I started a petition to Rick Scott to pardon Marissa, please help it get traction! Rick Scott - Pardon Marissa Alexander @moveon

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